What We Do

We deliver advanced beauty education and training. By deconstructing traditional techniques and building on innovative ideas, we've created courses and training modules that will ignite your passion and spark creative gifts. As talent curators our greatest satisfaction comes from assisting our students in discovering their paths to become industry innovators. Whether you are just entering the industry or are a seasoned veteran this experience will challenge you to expand your potential.

Education Initiatives

The Coral Lahiani Institute for Advanced Cosmetology provides our community of educators and trainers an opportunity to share and gain valuable knowledge with diverse communities. Through thought leadership and talent curation we use the "scientific method" to deliver innovative educational and training experiences.

Community Engagement

Creating opportunity for others through our network of industry professionals to build bridges that narrow gaps and disparities in our industry and communities at large. Our ongoing efforts will fortify those relationships that provide platforms to allow those leading the industry to positively impact those aspiring to lead.


Synthetic Biology, 3D Printing, and Virtual Reality, are scientific breakthroughs that contribute greatly to the beauty industry. We create sustainable relationships with Product Partners who are at the cutting edge of these technologies to continually build our technical and scientific knowledge.