Technical Advisor

The Coral Lahiani Institute for Advanced Cosmetology Technical Advisor is both an exciting and important role. Technical Advisors serve as our sales force and are the face of the Institute delivering our message to our diverse community. Technical Advisors will learn, teach, and grow as beauty professional. Persons best suited for this position are:

• Excited about learning
• Culturally Inquisitive
• Passionate
• Collaborative
• Articulate
• Ambitious

Resident Stylist

Resident Stylists are salon professionals at the Coral Lahiani Institute for Advanced Cosmetology. Resident Stylists receive specialized and individualized training that equips them with the tools to further develop their practice. Participants can learn to become educators and/or technical advisors while sharing their own unique skills.

How are Resident Stylists chosen?

Candidates are selected through our Pitch Contest. Please visit www.corallahiani.com for more information.

• How long is a residency? Residencies are twelve months long.
• How much does it cost? Fellowships are awarded to candidates that are chosen.
• What is a fellowship? Our fellowship provides compensation for those chosen to attend the Institute. It allows you to work, learn, conduct research and advance your practice with other professionals in a warm and supportive environment without enrollment costs.