Frequently Asked Questions

We are glad you asked! The Institute is constantly growing and always on the lookout for talented beauty professionals to join our team. If you are interested in joining our team please email us at

We provide you with methodology and refined technical skills that will allow you to see your practice in a new, meaningful way. Whether you decide to implement these tools by continuing your practice behind the chair or open your own business, we support it all! There are NO limits!

The Institute is a space of love and peace. We pride ourselves most on creating a collaborative environment where we can nurture, encourage each other and assist Resident Stylists in achieving their goals.

Advanced Cosmetology is an in-depth and comprehensive study of Cosmetology that includes philosophy, technology and entrepreneurial principles. We expound on traditional Cosmetology training by providing professionals new and innovative alternative that allow you to think differently about your practice.

The Coral Lahiani Institute for Advanced Cosmetology is the closest to a graduate program for licensed beauty professionals our industry has to offer. We offer meaningful and advanced learning opportunities to help expand and catapult the careers of our Resident Stylists and class participants both behind and beyond the chair.